About Us

How It All Started


San Antonio Street Art Tour was born from the passion and curiosity of Nallely, who started exploring the vibrant street art scene in San Antonio on her own. As she snapped photos in front of the city's most striking murals and shared them on social media, she realized there was a need for a street art tour company that could offer guests an immersive and educational experience. With months of research, attending local street art events, and building relationships with artists, Nallely founded San Antonio Street Art Tour. For her, it's not just about educating guests on the art and artists, but about creating a truly unforgettable experience. That's why she captures memories for guests by taking instant Polaroid photos during the tour, which they can take home as unique souvenirs of their journey through San Antonio's vibrant street art culture.

More About Your Tour Guide


Nallely Fuentes is a dynamic individual who balances her full-time role as a digital marketing specialist and business owner. Driven by a love of travel, art, and new experiences, she has a passion for meeting people from all corners of the globe and learning their unique stories. Nallely is excited to meet you and help create your own unforgettable story through the lens of her instant Polaroid camera. Whether you're exploring San Antonio's street art scene or venturing to other corners of the world, she's dedicated to capturing your memories and turning them into cherished souvenirs that you can keep for a lifetime.

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